Well I have done away with that Nobody, Saix.

A pity, I saw it in his eyes as he died, he doesn't believe he will return, it seems those shadows have to actually be killed once before they believe they cannot die here, or at all for that matter.  

When will they learn?  That there is no peace for any shadow so long as the light exists, there is no such thing as rest, or the eternal sleep while the light lives on.
It is why I cannot die, not unless the one whose shadow I remain destroys me himself, by letting go of the darkness.
The fool can't obviously, I'm still bloody here.

It's strange, ever since I found that damn object on the ground I've been feeling less numb to the world around me, and more... jaded, perhaps is the right word.  
Our  lesson today, don't touch strange objects.

In other recent events, I've come into contact with one of my clone's associates (I call him clone because I lack anything better, copy or "Person who shares my soul origin" seems too... bland.) and his name is... well the most amusing thing is I've been in his prescence for some time, offered to escort, offered to help him return his boyfriend to normal, killed a Nobody in front of him, and I still don't know his name.

I suppose it never came up since he already knew mine.

I've also encountered a blonde haired male who wears spandex to my undying amusement, and even further he's fun to play with.
More fun then the blonde Nobody certainly, I'm beginning to enjoy my time here.

Of course the Heartless still need to be dealt with, but it seems they're all slowly dying away, since Saix is dead, their leader has regained his heart, and the others on that side seemed to have all died in some dark and dank corner somewhere.

Which reminds me, I need to get my jacket back from that damn cheerful girl.

Oh, and I've been put into a room with that pink dressed atrocity!
The Head will pay dearly for this... my Masamune thirsts for your blood now. 

.... I take it back, I'm not enjoying my time here.  In fact, I wish I could die.
But I can't, because I'll simply return.
And anyone I  kill comes back to life.
... I reiterate, this place is a personal hell.
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Puppet Master

At last.

So the Heartless finally appear, and it seems the Nobodies are responsible for their apperance.

It appears some members are having a feud with the rest of the group... how utterly amusing.

As well, it seems a good deal of the residents here have already fallen to the darkness, dissapointing, especially since one of them is that Tsukasa child I encountered earlier.

Well, I suppose I will just have to take Masamune and choose a side.

This should be interesting.



After possessing such a thing for so long I suppose I might as well make use of it.

How boring.
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